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You can find me on Twitch at

My Twitch community is a welcoming place and moderated to the best of my ability to keep a friendly vibe.

Twitch Bot



These commands provide info about the stream and your own status.

!bot: This command pings the bot. You can use this if you want to know whether or not the bot is online.

!info: Get a description of the what Jedai's up to.

!my-points: See how many points you've accrued!

!leaderboard: See the top point-earners on The Starship!

Control Commands

These commands allow chatters to control my setup... for better or worse.

!control mic mute: Toggles the mute on Jedai's microphone. Costs 15 points to mute. 0 to unmute.

!control cam asciify: Toggles the Ascii filter on Jedai's camera. Costs 8 points to enable. 0 to disable.

Writing Stream Commands

These commands are for writing streams

!firstdraft: Remind Jedai to stop editing and keep writing. 😋


This is an experimental chat game where you hunt monsters. It's not thoroughly implemented and is definitely unfair.

!monster-hunt register: Register for monter hunting. You need to be registered to hunt monsters.

!monster-hunt bounty: See what the current monster to hunt is.

!monster-hunt attack: Try to slay the current monster.

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