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The Not-Resume of Jedai Saboteur

Hey there, welcome to my not-resume. It's not a resume. Technically. I promise. 

Who I am

I'm a software engineer in San Francisco with far too many interests to list and keep someone's attention. Outside of technology, I have a deep love for stories, language, and a little bit of anthropology. I strive for better communication and understanding of how all of our communications effect other people and the world around us. I feel people who create content have a duty to be responsible for the content they create and the impact they have on society, even if that impact is relatively small. These feelings cross into my technological interests as well. More than ever, the things we create from mega platforms to microservices have the potential to impact countless lives for the better, should they be built with ethical considerations in mind. I believe technology should always be used to empower people and assist them in empowering others.

What I've Done

I moved to the bay area for college in 2006, majoring in 'Media Arts & Animation'. Life forced me to take a break and create a change in my life. I spent my time in various jobs with duties from sales, to supervising hundreds of children, to supervising hundreds of drunk adults. During that time, I exercised my linguistic and technical crafts by learning programming basics, writing short stories, and creating games & prototypes of various genres until my progression eventually grew stagant. In 2017, I embarked on an endeavor to cement my software engineering skills and pivoted from solo indie game programming to web engineering. I joined Learner's Guild where gained the direction I lacked and found my interest in gaining a deeper understanding of software.

Technical and Work Experience

I learned programming basics in Python and C#. Transitioning into web engineering I learned Javascript, HTML, and CSS, as well as creating full stack applications from empty directories to production-ready at small scale. For micro-scale projects (like this one!) I've also delved into setting up virtual machines for web application deployment using nginx on Ubuntu. In terms of frameworks/transpilers/preprocessors/etc, I most often use React, Sass, Webpack, and sometimes just throw all that out of the window and see what I can do without them.

My most recent position is Software Engineer at OpenFiber, a company that manages a fiber infrastructure providing service to ISPs with clients across the Bay Area. I work with a tight-knit team that creates support tools for OpenFiber's ISP partners. There, I take pride in maintaining and adding features to our network map and monitoring tools that allow us to connect to services like AWS, Salesforce, Google API, and others. While the bulk of my expertise lies in front-end technologies, I've also made many backend contributions, increasing my skillset in the proces. Those duties have included modifying GraphQL queries and mutations that interact with Postgres databases, assisting in creating auto-deploy scripts for live software, and communicating with various network devices in the field via Python and SSH. The achievement I'm proudest of in this role is creating a styleguide and functional CSS library for OpenFiber's present and future applications, based on the best parts of both app's differing designs.

Thanks for Reading 🙂

This has been, uh, me I guess. I told you it wasn't a resume. Technically. It's not exhaustive and there are no bullet points. And who talks about themselves this much in a resume? 

That said, if you feel I'd be a good fit on your team, I'd love to chat with you soon. I am currently seeking a new position in the San Francisco Bay Area. You can find me on LinkedIn and AngelList or reach me by email at

You can also find my real resume here.

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